Strategic Design Solutions

Empowering brands to shift away from wasteful design practices, 
through a strategy-first design process.

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Sustainable Design Consultancy

Lay the foundation for a successful packaging project.

Whether it’s envisioning new design solutions or integrating sustainability into your design process, I’m here to ground your packaging design in strategic purpose.

Partner with me and I will help you get clear on your sustainable packaging goals and map out a plan of action for your project. Once complete, you will be armed with a strategic packaging action plan.

This plan will give you the confidence and clarity to craft the future of your packaging, where aesthetic brilliance meets eco-responsibility.

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Packaging Design

Category Research | Circular Design Thinking | Information Hierarchy | Pack Design | Product Range Rollout | Finished Art

I believe that packaging can be both visually striking and environmentally responsible.

From utilising eco-friendly materials to implementing innovative design strategies, I’m committed to shaping packaging that reflects your brand’s values and leaves a positive imprint on the planet.

Let’s redefine packaging together, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and sustainability.

My packaging design service is priced on a per-project basis, depending on requirements – Book a free 15 minute consult call here to find out more.

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Illustrated nutritionist visual identity and letterhead mockup laying on white surface with green plan prop.

Circular Design Workshops


Experience a transformative learning journey that goes beyond traditional packaging design concepts focusing on sustainable design systems and solutions.

There is no better time than now to foster the skills needed to drive positive change and innovation in packaging design.

Join me in real-time as we explore the foundational principles of circular packaging design and apply them to practical scenarios.

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My highly anticipated Circular Design Workshop is on the horizon, and I want you to be front and center for the launch.

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