Tonik Fusion

Client: Tonik Fusion
Category: Health and Wellness
Project: Brand consultation, Packaging design, Icon creation, Eco packaging consult
Impact: Sustainable packaging design, Small business support

Tonik Fusion offers a range of 100% organic, sustainably sourced tonics infused with restorative medicinal mushroom powders.

Aimed at the health-conscious busy woman these products offer convenient, restorative and delicious foods to encourage self care and restoration.

The objective was to create packaging that was contemporary, natural and sophisticated while staying true to the brand’s values of sustainability. At first we explored cardboard packaging but after consultation and exploration we came to the decision that tin containers would be better suited to the brand’s personality. Positioning the brand as a premium pantry staple and offering a reusable container that can be refilled and reused indefinitely.

“Nancy’s passion leaves no stone unturned, she researches and offers alternative solutions resulting in deliverables that exceeded our wildest expectations.”

Liz from Tonik Fusion