Dr. LeWinn’s Cleanser Series

Client: Dr. LeWinn’s
Category: Cosmeceutical Skincare
Project: Packaging Design
Impact: Increased Recyclability, Improved Consumer Perception

Dr. LeWinn’s, a renowned skincare brand, approached me to design their new Cleanser Series Packaging, aligning it with their commitment to meet the 2025 APCO packaging goals. The challenge was to create packaging that not only met their sustinability goals, but also simultaneously embraced their current aesthetic while shifting towards a more contemporary look.

We decided to use containers made from 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, ensuring that the packaging was monomaterial, which aligns with APCO’s goals of 50% recycled content and 100% kerbside recyclability. The secondary packaging underwent a significant transformation, shifting from the current silver cardstock to recyclable cardboard. To promote recycling, we introduced ARL labelling on the packaging, providing clear disposal instructions for consumers.


The design embraces a minimalist aesthetic, highlighting the purity of the cleanser products. This subtle shift toward a more contemporary look marks the initial step in the brand’s repositioning journey.

With the Cleanser Series packaging design, Dr. LeWinn’s was able to communicate it’s dedication to both skincare innovation and environmental responsibility. The minimalist design aligned seamlessly with the brand’s current portfolio while significantly reducing the ecological footprint of the packaging.

“Nancy is extremely organised, detail oriented and excels at project management.”

Katie McManus

Sr. Brand Manager