Muve Co.

Client: Muve Co.
Category: Eco-Friendly Product
Project: Packaging design, Illustration, Circular design consultation, Icon creation
Impact: Sustainable packaging design, Reduced packaging waste

MUVE Co. is an eco-conscious brand based in Melbourne Australia on a mission to provide practical, sustainable and innovative products. They sell eco-friendly, insulated bottles that replace single-use plastic water bottles and takeaway coffee cups.

MUVE approached me looking for a more sustainable way to protect their high quality bottles and travel mugs during shipping and wanted to eliminate the plastic wrap, swing tag and extra packaging they were currently using.

During our discovery call we determined their motivating brand adjectives to be; environmental, simplicity, authentic & approachable along with their product which key use is for movement and hydration –these words were used as inspiration for the package design and illustration direction.

I encouraged MUVE to look beyond just the design and consider how the container could serve a second use after the product was safely received. Their ideal customer would be commuting to an office or classroom so could the cardboard tube become a pencil holder or a snack container? Adding a QR code to the packaging gave consumers an easily path to their website where they can explore all the fun ways to repurpose the container.

“We couldn’t recommend Nancy enough! The entire process from start to finish was seamless and she was super helpful in offering ideas to take our new product packaging to a new level.”

Alicia from Muve Co.