Gutsy Gals Kombucha

Client: Gutsy Gals Kombucha
Category: Food & Beverage
Project: Branding, Logo design, Illustration, Circular design thinking
Impact: Support refill & delivery business model, Reduce packaging waste

Gusty Gals – Gut friendly ferments for gals on the go!

Gusty Gals is a kombucha brand that I created to illustrate how a mobile refillery business model could work for the beverage industry. 

Gutsy Gals is for the free spirited, health conscious, digestion challenged, girl gang lovin’, hippy at heart women.

Designed for the work at home culture that has graced us in 2020, there is no better time then now to introduce Mobile Refillery services. Gutsy Gals offers premium Kombucha in fun flavours delivered right to your door. Wash and refill your bottles, then schedule a refill stop by booking into one of the routes using the online system.

The logo, packaging design and concept mobile refillery Kombi were designed with the brand adjectives; fun, carefree, environmentally conscious, health conscious and community aligned in mind. Using pink and bright colours to give this a playful vibe and hand drawn illustrations to offer an approachable and handmade appeal.