Gutsy Gals Kombucha

Client: Gutsy Gals
Category: Food & Beverage
Project: Illustration, Packaging Design, Circular Design Thinking
Impact: Encourage Circular Design Thinking

Gut Friendly Ferments for Gals on the Go!
Gusty Gals is a fictitious kombucha brand that I created to illustrate how a mobile refillery business model could work for the beverage industry.

Gutsy Gals is for the free spirited, health conscious, digestion challenged, hippy at heart women.

Designed for the evolving work-at-home lifestyle of 2020, and commitment to enhancing health and immunity, Gutsy Gals introduces a mobile refillery service. Offering premium Kombucha in delightful flavours straight to your doorstep.

Take part by returning your bottles to be sanitised and refilling with your favourite flavours. Easily schedule a refill stop by booking through our online app or joining one of the designated routes.


Visual Brand
The brand identity, encompassing a logo, packaging design and the conceptual thinking behind a mobile refillery Kombi, embodies the brand’s core attributes; fun, carefree, environmentally conscious and community-aligned.

Vibrant pink and bold colours infuse a playful energy, while hand-drawn illustrations provide an approachable and handmade aesthetic much like the products themselves.