Australian Organic Schools

Client: Australian Organic Ltd.
Category: Educational Program
Project: Logo design, Branding, Custom illustration, Infographic design, Iconography, Lesson guide and student worksheets.
Impact: Supports education on organic farming

Australian Organic Schools is a national educational program designed by Australian Organic Ltd. providing a organic curious teachers & parents free, fun and engaging information on organic farming and food. 

The goal of AOS is to educate and inform school age children about organic farming and food by connecting children with a grass roots perspective on food and farming.

This goal of this rebrand project was to simplify the current branding which had become dated, busy and overcomplicated. Our main focus for this project was to present the brand and program as simple, organic, playful and engaging.

The logo was designed to stand on it’s own as an independant brand yet still maintain the iconic “bud symbol” with a playful touch of making the bud appear as a sprouting plant.

We chose an earthy and organic colour palette while still maintianing the playful brights, combined with a ‘cut out paper’ illustrative style to represent the hands-on nature of the program and cut & paste playful activities of school age children. 

This project included logo design, custom illustrated brand elements, custom illustrated diagrams and infographics, lesson guide template and student worksheets.