Aura Therapy Oils

Client: Aura Therapy Oils
Category: Natural Beauty, Wellness
Project: Logo design, Packaging design, Circular design thinking
Impact: Reduce Packaging waste

Aura Therapy spiritual essential oils is a fictitious brand of natural aromatic oils designed to be used for spiritual practice by practitioners or for home use.

Aromatherapy for spiritual practice has been used for centuries by cultures all around the world. Aura Therapy offers a modern spin on this esoteric practice by offering cleansing and purifying spiritual scents infused in oil for the use in a diffuser. Ideal for those who dislike ash or smoke created by burning incense. 

Aura Therapy branding and packaging is inspired by the words spiritual, artistic, aspirational and calm.

The hand drawn illustrations on each product illustrate the spiritual benefit of each scent and the fluid watercolour background indicated the non-physical nature of spiritual practice, auras and energy.

The packaging is minimal as to avoid wasted materials. There is no outer sleeve or box, all the information is contained on the product label. The simple and elegant label design is printed on stone paper which requires no water to manufacture and is 100% recyclable. It is an ideal paper for this product as it can withstand the inevitable oil dribbles.