A’kin Naturals

Client: A’kin Naturals
Category: Personal Care, Haircare
Project: Package Design, Sustainable Design Consultation
Impact: Increased Recyclability, Improved Consumer Education

Project Goals
A’kin, an esteemed Australian brand specialising in natural hair and skincare, initiated a comprehensive brand repositioning endeavour. This project encompassed a rejuvenated brand identity and revitalised packaging design, aligning with their core values of sustainability and quality.

Collaborating closely with the Senior Brand Manager and the Research & Development team for an extensive period of 18 months, the process began with a meticulous evaluation of the current packaging materials and their environmental impact. Sustainable goals were established, and the design journey unfolded for each product range, progressing from concept to launch. Throughout this intricate process, we grappled with challenges related to the potential impact of our design choices on cost, brand perception, and recyclability.

After exploration of various materials and formats, we settled on PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) ranging from
70-100% which offers kerbside recyclability in current waste collection streams where it is sold. We also implemented the use of the Australasian Recycling Logos (ARL) on all primary and secondary packaging to inform consumers how to dispose of empty packaging.

*This project was completed for McPherson’s Consumer Products Pty. Ltd 2022-2023

“Nancy is fantastic to work with. Her creative process is incredibly thorough, and she really gets under the skin of the brand to deliver strong, compelling creative. She is extremely organised, detail oriented and excels at project management.”

Katie McManus, Sr. Brand Manager