Muve Co.

Insulated bottle supplier MUVE was looking for a more sustainable way to protect their high quality bottles and travel mugs during shipping and wanted to eliminate all swing tags, plastic, and extra packaging they were currently using to package their bottles.

First we sat down to discuss the core values of the company and why customers trust and choose their products. We then explored ideas for how to communicate this through the packaging design.

The result was a custom designed graphic pattern that represents hydration, environment and movement – all adjectives that we uncovered in our initial strategy meeting. The colour of the lid indicates the colour of the product inside the tube and on the top of the lid you will find informative facts about environmental issues related to plastic and why switching to a MUVE bottle is smart move.

With sustainability being a strong value, I encouraged MUVE to look beyond the design and consider how this container could serve as a second use after the product was safely received. With many customers using their travel mugs/bottles for work maybe the tube could be used as a pencil holder or a snack container.

MUVE loved this idea and so we included a QR code on the packaging to guide customers to their website and learn more fun ways to repurpose the container.

I also provided guidance on sustainable materials and inks to use to ensure the container could safely be recycled and/or composted at end of life and provided suggestions for eco printers and suppliers of biodegradable labels.