About the studio

My mission is to make it easy for more brands to be eco-friendly. Find out more about my commitment to sustainable design for brands like you.

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My Story

Hey I’m Nancy, 

I’m a brand and packaging designer on a mission to make it easy for brand owners to choose eco-friendly design solutions.

My purpose has always been about creating. I have 20 years experience as a graphic designer, product designer and marketer as testament to that.

But working with brands out of alignment with what I so strongly believed in was no longer working for me. Creativity was my purpose, but my creativity also needed to be purposeful.

So, I left the big businesses behind, and started Nancy J Design with a commitment to helping purpose-led brands share their message with the world, and contributing to meaningful change through sustainable design.

We all have a part to play

I may be a small business, but my ambitions are big. I believe that as a designer, I hold a responsibility to design better solutions for the future of our planet and health. That’s why I continue to update my skills and keep abreast evoloving trends in the packaging industry.

I’ve helped leading Australian brands design packaging that is less wasteful, and marketing campaigns that sell their messages of cleaner and greener living. I am doing my bit to contribute to a world we can all feel good about.

What lights me up is seeing ethical brands achieve impact through an elevated market presence.

Achieving this isn’t just about what looks good today, but also about a strategic approach that considers circular and sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

So, now it’s your turn: what lights you up?

I can’t wait to find out! Shall we chat?

My Design Credo


Your brand deserves more than a template

To stand out, you need design that is as unique as your brand. Which is why all projects start with a strategy session that digs deep into what makes your vision so special.

Design is about the big picture

My background in design, product design and marketing means I bring a strategic, informed approach, calling on knowledge and insight that considers both impact on your audience and the planet.

I keep things personal

You’ll always work direct with me – and I genuinely care about your success. You can count on me to be by your side supporting and informing you during your project and cheering you on long after your project is complete!

Good design shouldn’t cost the earth

I want good brands to have access to design support that serves them, and the planet, in the best way possible. My pricing is fair, transparent and with no hidden surprises. With minimal overheads, I can pass savings on to you.

every creative needs a sidekick…

Meet Railey

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Canadian-born, border collie x terrier Railey is qualified in cuddles, a master morale booster and adept at being the Best Boy. His role includes taking care of reception, office entertainment and barketing.

Having relocated to the other side of the world, he’s embraced the Queensland way of life, spending most of his day soaking up sunny patches on the floor. His role of snoozy office companion is one he takes seriously, rousing only for snacks or to harass the mailman (you can add security to his list of titles). And while he might be rocking double digits at 12 years old, he’s proudly a puppy at heart – and a very important part of Nancy J Design.

Fun facts about me

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