40 Life Lessons

This week I turn 40! urgh. Seriously, how did that happen? It feels like just yesterday I was 20 and carefree backpacking around SE Asia full of curiosity, big dreams and a desire to save the planet.

Well, I’ve learned a few things in my 40 years on earth. I’m still curious and have a desire to save the world but my curiosity at the moment is more along the lines of googling “what do owl legs look like?” (google it, so hilarious) and where can I buy metal straws. Sad but true.

Here are my top life lessons thus far:

  1. I’ve learned to trust my gut instincts. There is something inherently smart about our senses.
  2. I’ve learned that hugs feel good and can solve most arguments.
  3. I’ve learned to take care of my skin. Wear sunscreen, moisturize and don’t pick pimples. That is my one beauty tip if I was to have one. Well three actually but .. skin care, do it.
  4. I’ve learned that good friends are hard to find. Hang on tight when you find them.
  5. Being a parent is both the hardest and the most rewarding job in the world. It’s a daily mind game!
  6. I’ve learned that sleep deprivation (of a newborn) is no joke. It’s complete torture.
  7. I’ve learned to trust my body. It is an amazing machine. Listen to the signs. Feed it, water it, move it and rest it.
  8. I’ve learned that old wounds take considerable effort to heal.
  9. .. which brings me to #9, Forgive and let go.
  10. I’ve learned that feelings are fluid. They come and go. They do not define you.
  11. I’ve learned that life is good, then it’s great than it sucks, then it’s good again. Ride the waves.
  12. I’ve learned to smile at strangers. (I inherently squint even in the dullest sunlight and this makes the corners of my mouth turn up and strangers think I’m smiling at them. They smile back. It’s funny.)
  13. I’ve learned to never judge. You don’t know what others are dealing with.
  14. I’ve learned that education does not equal success.
  15. I’ve learned to say sorry and that it sucks to go to bed angry.
  16. I’ve learned a simple picnic in the park equals a perfect day.
  17. I’ve learned that family is priority. Hands down.
  18. I’ve learned to challenge my fears and that I’m capable of so much more than I thought.
  19. I’ve learned that true friends will stand the test of time and distance.
  20. I’ve learned that doing craft with small children is unbelievably stressful.
  21. I’ve learned to take breaks.
  22. I’ve learned how to make a dang good play doh with Jello powder! (curious? message me for the recipe!)
  23. I’ve learned that you can’t hard boil eggs in the microwave. Those babies will blow the F’ up and stink up your kitchen.
  24. I’ve learned that emotional self care is a must. Without it I crumble.
  25. I’ve learned comparison is the thief of creativity.
  26. I’ve learned to never stop wanting to learn.
  27. I’ve learned to speak up for what I believe in.
  28. I’ve learned that gifts don’t buy love. Hug and play with your children. Listen and be interested in them that’s all they really want.
  29. I’ve learned that dogs can sense feelings. My pup (10 years young now) cuddles by my side when I’m sad and runs away when I’m angry.
  30. I’ve learned that laughter make everything better. I need to do this more. A good belly laugh feels amazing.
  31. I’ve learned that the grass is not always greener.
  32. I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to trust it will all work out.
  33. I’ve learned to find peace in my own skin.
  34. Going back to the comparison thing. Comparison is a creativity killer. This keeps coming back to me lately. I’ve learned that worrying about Instagram “likes” and the addiction to attention this platform creates is a real mind-mucker-upper and total creativity killer. From now on I’m refocusing my energy on honest true creativity and connection.
  35. I’ve learned that I’m not as patient as I thought. Two kids under 4 have worn me very thin in the patience department. V.E.R.Y thin!
  36. I’ve learned that I swear a lot more than I thought. Maybe as a result of #35?
  37. I’ve learned that I have a tendency to talk very mean to myself yet would never say these things to my kids or friends. Positive self talk is a work in progress.
  38. I’ve learned that I love sleep. Like I LOVE it soooo much!!
  39. I’ve learned that laundry will never be finished. It’s a never ending battle.
  40. I’ve learned that life is short. We don’t get out of this alive. So try to make it count. This can be hard in the day to day and often hits home when something significant happens in our life. But seriously it’s so short in the grand scheme of things. As Oprah once said, “the only moment you have for sure is right now.” Man, I love that woman! x

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading my 40 lessons. I hope this resonate with you and bring some sense of clarity to your day as they did to mine. Turning 40 has been a very reflective time forcing me to look back at the 40 years past and hope that there are 40 ahead. Getting older really does force you to look at what kind of an impact you want to make in this world with the unknown time that you have.

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