A Designers Role in Consumerism

“We can’t consume our way to a more sustainable world.” – Jennifer Nini –

Welcome to my first ever blog post. WHOOP WHOOP! This is where I will talk about all things sustainability and design, showcase some of my recent projects and offer ideas on ways businesses can do better, choose smarter and design wiser.

I want to kick it all off by talking about the often overlooked role Graphic Designers play in consumerism and consumption. It’s no secret that we live in a consumerist world and often purchase based on wants not needs. Trends are constantly changing and advertising, billboards and magazines bombard us with messages to make us want more and be “better”.

Now, if you are thinking whoa hold up now.. this is all a bit too heavy for a Monday morning… Well, keep reading the story does get brighter.

A Graphic Designer contributes to consumerism by designing eye catching packaging, emotive branding and compelling advertising to help brands sell their products and messages.

A designer friend of mine once said. “I saw something I created rolling down the road and it made me realise, I create beautiful garbage.” YIKES! As a designer myself the reality of this sat heavy on me. It left me contemplating, what kind of designer did I want to be? What brands and companies did I want to align myself with and what messages did I want to put out into the world? 

“I cannot do everything, but I can do something.”

– Edward Everett Hale –

As a Graphic Designer I believe we have a unique opportunity to use our problem solving skills to offer better ways to package and sell products and can use our design abilities to send smarter messages, creating change in how we consume and interact in this consumerist world.

So this is where I begin my journey as a Sustainable Graphic Designer. Follow me here on my blog and get my latest posts sent straight to your inbox.

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