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Circular packaging solutions for future-savvy businesses.


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Sustainable Packaging

Ever wonder what happens to your products’ packaging post-purchase?

(Spoiler alert: it probably isn’t pretty.)

As a future-minded business owner or brand manager in the health, wellness or beauty space, you’re always thinking about what happens next. Your next product launch. Your next social media post. Your next over-the-moon customer who can’t wait to spread the word about their day-making delivery.

And if you’ve got big-thinking tendencies? You may even be contemplating what’s next for the planet – and your impact on it.

Girl with brown shoulder length hair in jeans and white t-shirt, sitting on white adirondack chair holding Pantone coffee mug and smiling kindly at camera.
Girl with brown shoulder length hair in jeans and white t-shirt, sitting on white adirondack chair holding Pantone coffee mug and smiling kindly at camera.

That’s where I come in

Hi! I’m Nancy (you may have guessed that already).

As a Sustainable Packaging Specialist, I’m serious about shedding light on the ins and outs of the packaging process. Helping you understand how your business can eliminate wasteful practices, and design packaging that’s innovative, aligned with your brand’s vision and sure to fly off the shelves.

Let’s take your packaging out of the too-hard basket – and keep it out of the trash too.

Packaging Design

With circular design systems at the forefront of my process, I’ll create strategy-led packging that reflects your brand’s values, catches the eyes of your dream customers, and leaves a positive impact on the planet.

For custom packaging solutions that go beyond the box.

Sustainable Design Consultation

Set yourself up for success and give your business a competitive edge with a tailored sustainable packaging strategy.
As your circular design partner, I’ll help you clarify your sustainable packaging goals and create a plan of action for your project.

Circular Design Workshops


Join me in real-time as we explore the foundational principles of circular packaging design and apply them to practical scenarios.

My workshops empower participants to integrate sustainable solutions into real-life design challenges.

Get on the waitlist HERE to be the first to know when the workshop launches!

circular packaging design lifecycle infographic

So… What exactly is circular design?

Circular design refers to the holistic process involved in creating packaging (and other things) that minimises waste and maximises resources.

Circular design takes ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ to the next level, with the aim of ensuring that your packaging supports a regenerative future without compromising on aesthetic or functionality.

Sound too good to be true?

Here is proof it’s possible.

Kind-to-earth packaging solutions for down-to-earth businesses.

Envisioning a world where your packaging is equally as eye-catching as your products – and environmentally friendly to boot?

Sounds like you’re ready to chat all things circular, and shape the future of packaging design together.


What People are Saying

“We couldn't recommend Nancy enough!”

“The entire process from start to finish was seamless and she was super helpful in offering ideas to take our new product packaging to a new level.”

Alicia from Muve Co.

“Nancy’s passion leaves no stone unturned”

"Nancy researches and offers alternative solutions resulting in deliverables that exceeded our wildest expectations.”

Liz from Tonik Fusion

“I can't give Nancy enough praise”

"I can’t give Nancy enough praise because she has over-delivered and provided work beyond our expectations in every project we have engaged her on.”

Niki from Australian Organic Ltd.

"Nancy is fantastic to work with"

“Nancy is fantastic to work with. Her creative process is incredibly thorough, and she really gets under the skin of the brand to deliver strong, compelling creative solutions.”

Katie from A'kin Naturals